Ever wonder how you can possibly know all the details to consider and remember when putting together an event? Let me give you a really simple way to think about it. I do this consistently with every event I work on. We’ll call it “What do you see?”.

This exercise is great for getting the creative juices flowing as well as for guiding your planning steps. And it’s even better with 2 or 3 people who are contributing to the planning of the event. Now pay close attention..

  1. Grab something for taking notes – you will have lots of notes
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Now mentally walk through every step of your event, writing down what you see
  4. That’s it.

Start from where guests enter your event experience – whether that’s the front door or the parking lot – and visualize the entire thing until the moment they leave. Think about how the 5 senses come into play. What will guests see? hear? smell? touch? taste? And most of all, how will they feel each stop along the way?

If done right, this process should take a little bit of time. That because you will always visualize aspects of the event that haven’t made their way into your plan. By seeing the details and writing them down you can ask important follow up questions, aleviate any potential issues and enact the steps to see those details actually come to life.

Do this at least once and early in the planning process and you’ll be the master of the details!