UFOs, Flash mobs, Candy & Aliens

What do these things have in common?

They represent the awesome events I had the privilege of working on last weekend!
CandyBuffetEventPlanningThe first was a wonderful launch party for a brand new children’s book at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. More than a book launch and signing, this fun-filled evening had an agenda built specifically with the children in mind. There was story time, games, dancing, and a self serve candy buffet designed by Renatta Emerson Events (aka Immersion Events).

I had so much fun putting this together and am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part. Photos from the event can be found at the Ike & Tash Photography in Motion blog.

Just two days later – on April Fool’s Day – I got to stage a UFO crash in the unsuspecting town of Burien.

Not only did nearly 300 people come out and party with us, they came donning tinfoil hats or in full on costume, they danced, they got hit by flying broccoli, and after all that, some of them went home $500 richer. (That’s what happens when you win a costume contest in B-Town.)

BurienUFOImmersionEvents BurienAliensImmersionEvents

See the complete photo gallery that the Highline Times on the Burien UFO Crash event.

Read the B-Town Blog’s post-event report

Watch what KOMO news had to say about the occurrence here:

3 Tips for planning theme parties


Theme parties can be a blast to plan or attend. But simply slapping a theme on your party doesn’t guarantee its success. I’ve been to some terrific theme events as well as some that left much to be desired.

Last weekend I attended a theme birthday party done right. Despite my absolute unfamiliarity with the theme on top of the mandatory costume requirement, I had a great time (along with everyone else there, as far as I could tell).

So how do you plan a great theme party? Here are a few tips I came away with:

#1 – Do it big

The theme of the event needs to be obvious from the first moment your guests encounter it. That means the invitation. Express your theme either in words or through the look and feel of your invitation (or both). If you want guests to wear costumes, say so.

This leads to the moments guests step into the event. Make your event’s theme evident through your decor. Decorate walls and furniture (fabrics are a great way to do this) and use props if you can. The goal is to transform your venue into the setting where your theme takes place – be it real, fictional or historical.

#2 – Remember the details

Now that you’ve transported your guests to your desired location, the way to keep them there is through the details. What kind of food makes sense to serve? What about music that ties in? Maybe you have standard party activities, but give them names that go along with the theme. Once you introduce them as such your guests will follow suit.

#3 – Take it easy

Here’s where the balance comes in. Have fun and let your guests have fun. Don’t get uptight if a guest shows up out of costume or if theme lingo isn’t catching on quite like you’d hoped. You can’t force it down their throats. Even if you could, you’d no longer be having fun (which means your guests probably aren’t either).

If you’ve given an appropriate amount of attention to creating the big picture of your theme and adding some creative details it should be easy for your guests to get into the spirit and have a good time.

Here are some pics from a Tiki themed beach party I threw a few years ago.

tiki_theme_EventCouple TikiTheme_EventCouple TikiThemeParty-Limbo TikiThemePartyFun

I’d love to see pictures from a theme party you’ve hosted or attended.