This is the Real Launch…

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found me.OpenForBusiness I am so excited to be devoting my time, energy and passion to planning your special occasions, meetings, parties, conferences… you name it!

Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know if there are any specific topics you would like to see covered on this blog. I’m happy to answer questions, offer tips, etc.

Thanks for stopping by and remember: Life is meant to be celebrated!

– Renatta

Just say NO to multitasking

MultitaskingInfoGraphicI remember when the ability to multitask was a thing to boast about.

You bring it up during job interviews, comparisons would be made between how well two co-workers could multitask.
But more and more today we’re learning that multitasking is not the thing that we want to be good at. In fact, being “good” at multitasking, it seems, makes you bad at the actual tasks you’re trying to complete.

Here’s an interesting/alarming/fun infographic on the truth about multitasking.

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It’s time to get personal

Some time has passed since I began RC Creations (now Immersion Events) – Events & Party Planning in 2009. I had a wonderful and exciting first year. Learned some things. Made some contacts.

Then I let things fizzle… Then I got married! And while my goal was always to build the company back up, it was clear I needed to define my mission as a business, in order to provide the best possible service to clients.

In the meantime, the biggest question became “What do I call myself now that I’m no longer RC?” Well, after much thought, the answer ended up being incredibly simple. I will operate as myself, Renatta. (It’s what everyone else calls me, right?)

What makes any event planner a great event planner is the special uniqueness or trademark she brings to each event. The signature character that draws clients to her. The uniqueness that I bring to the table is Renatta – the core of who I am. Every event I help create is an opportunity to build a relationship and bring someone’s dream to life. And I love that. It’s why I choose to plan events.

So, as I continue the transformation, or rather the rebirth, of RC Creations I plan to do it on a more personal level. My goal is for this process to allow me to get to you know and for you to get know Renatta.

I can’t wait!