Many Blessings from Immersion Events

So much happened in 2014; growing, shifting, learning, stretching. Thank you for joining me in the journey!

– Renatta


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2014 was a very good year. Stay tuned for more!



From Crawl to Stand to Walk

Just over 1 year ago, I took that big leap of faith and entered the realm of self-employment – thus introducing Renatta Emerson Events to the world.

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I’m likening that first year to a child’s progression from crawling to beginning to stand her own. There was a tremendous amount of learning, discovery of the world and discovery of myself. It was exciting and – like standing on weak, wobbly legs – it was terrifying. Yet, by the end of 2013, I’d taken my first steps.

This year I will walk.

That means several things:

  1. Actively seeking and strengthening relationships. Not only do our relationships make what we do worthwhile, they strengthen and enable us to do what we do. But only a baby can expect the people they need to come to them. A mature adult goes and seeks out those relationships.
  2. Defining the brand. Also like a child, a company will grown into its own identity, separate from that of the parent. The goal is to realize and communicate that identity with consistency. In 2014, that will mean a new company name, logo and website, which will all reflect this emerging identity.
  3. Strategically building visibility. One of my desires for even starting this business was to benefit the workplaces and communities around me. In order to do that, my company needs to be visible and recognizable.

I’m so excited for what this year holds. Stay tuned for more announcements and discovery.

Walk with me.

X Marks the Spot: Event Marketing

Every company has a goal or mission to accomplish, whether it’s an immediate need, short-term goal or long-term vision. A well-organized event can be the missing link in your marking plan for reaching those goals. Here’s why:

4 Reasons to utilize Event Marketing

EventMarketingTipsIntersection: Events create the only opportunity for potential customers to directly interact with your company. What’s more, outside of events your current customers can only encounter your company through your customer service department… and that usually happens under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Events allow you to create those opportunities for customers to connect with your company (not just the product or service). Plus, you are able to craft that experience to be positive, fun, and alive with the message of how you want your company to be perceived.
Just as intersections involve two paths, an effective event will engage attendees in two-way communication. It will encourage participation and feedback with which your company can better meet the needs of your customers – or better yet, start meeting the needs of potential customers.


xFactorEventMarketingX Factor: An X factor (no, not the television show) is defined as a hard-to-describe influence or quality, or an important element. Events provide that X-Factor in your business marketing plan. They give your company a personality as far as customers are concerned and enable you to create exciting WOW moments that leave lasting impressions.

Many companies have a mission statement or motto that includes something along the lines of “delighting the customer”. But how often have you actually been delighted by a product or service? And what hope is there for a manufacturer of – let’s say – dish soap, to inspire delight with their product? The odds are slim to none. Yet it’s very easy, when done properly, to delight a crowd of people through an event. Events bring the allure that every business strives for.


MultiplicationEventPlanningTipsMultiplication: In a study by Jack Morton Worldwide* 80% of the consumers surveyed said they are more likely to purchase after attending a company’s live event. That could mean immediate profit return from your event marketing.
The same study reveals that 85% of participants of an event would tell others about the experience. This is huge since word-of-mouth is one of the most creditable forms of advertising you can get. So now you’ve enabled your message to spread further and with greater impact by making use of event marketing.


LoveEventMarketingTipsLove: The last reason to incorporate events  into your marketing plan is… love. A well-designed event engages all of the senses and creates a memorable experience for the attendees. Through those sensory-laden moments you’ve formed an emotional connection between the customer and your company, and emotion is an undeniably powerful motivator.

It’s this emotional connection that will change your brand-buyer relationship to a deeper relationship – which you can now nurture through frequent communication, excellent customer service, etc. It’s that love that will keep those customers coming back to you, referring your brand and singing your praises. To find out how your business can make use of event marketing, email me at

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Today’s mission: To research, understand and narrow down Business Models.

Taking it back to the basics.

And… Action!

I’ve recently come to appreciate the value of a video blog and hope to really put it to use for RC Creations and for you guys. So, here is the first of what will hopefully be a string of fun and informative videos.

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We have Blogging!

I’ve been battling with the idea of blogging for a while, but have finally decided to take the plunge.

Thus, I welcome you to the RC Creations Blog!

My goal is to make this a fun and educational place of inspiration, resources and ideas. Questions and suggestions are welcome, so don’t be shy.

Join me!