It’s almost June, which is my favorite time of year because… it’s my birthday. 😀 Since my motto is “Life is meant to be celebrated”, you’d better believe I apply that to birthdays!

So how does an event planner go about planning her own birthday party? Here’s what I do:

Think about what’s important to you – This year, my goals are two-fold: I want to have a super fun pampering time with my ladies and I also want to gather the people who have been supporting me and adding to my life. So there’s a particular theme (this year it’s “princess”) as well as particular people that I’m going to focus my planning around.

Visualize the party – If this sounds repetitive, then good! As I mentioned before, I do this for every event I plan. Even my own. If you come up empty in this department, you may just need some inspiration. Do a search online for the theme or key elements that you’ve decided to focus on. Sites like Pinterest or Google Images are great places to start. (Here’s a link to one of my inspiration boards).

Don’t limit yourself – Let yourself be free to explore “crazy” or “unusual” options. The whole point of a celebration is to create an extraordinary moment, so why base your planning on a standard party template? It just so happens that it would be really challenging to make my two goals work together (i.e. all the people I want to surround myself with don’t necessarily want to come to a princess party). So instead of compromising or trying to make them work in the same space, I’m simply throwing two separate parties. *Boom!* Even more celebration! (One year I had so many different desires that I threw 8 parties!)

The bottom line is, your birthday party should be a representation of who you are and what you’re all about. Start with you and plan outward and you’ll have an awesome event that people enjoy and remember.